Rhythm & Brews

Rhythm & Brews – Morgantown, WV

Sept 15 The Short Bros Band 7pm
Sept 17 Floyd Cowger 5pm followed by Hammerlane at 10pm
Sept 18 Hit N Run band 10pm
Sept 22 Mark Palmer 7pm – 10pm
Sept 24 Lynn Routzann 5pm followed By Chris Higbee Band 10pm
Sept 25 The George Shingleton Band 10pm
Sept 29 Floyd Cowger 7pm – 10pm
Oct 1 Short Bros Band 5pm followed By Davisson Bros band 10:30pm
Oct 6 George Shingleton 7pm
Oct 13 Floyd Cowger 7pm
Oct 20 Short Brothers Band 7pm
Oct 22 Floyd Cowger 5pm Followed by Hammerlane 10pm
Oct 23 The George Shingleton Band 10pm
Oct 27 Mark Palmer 7pm
Oct 29 New Relics Band 10pm
Oct 30 Davisson Brothers Band 10pm

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